Company Employee Transportation

I want to emphasize the fact that Executive Express has a lot of unique services. Of all of the various ways we provide transportation relaxation to Central Minnesota and Iowa, the most innovative service we provide is Employee Transportation.

A Recruitment Solution for Small Town Minnesota

Several years back Jim Staska, our Marketing Director at the time, was out on a call when he was approached by a prospect about a need they had at their company’s production center. Their company was headquartered out of a tiny rural location in central Minnesota, which posed a problem, it is rather challenging to acquire qualified labor when you are headquartered in a rural small town. After brainstorming with Executive Express, the two parties decided to join forces in an effort to recruit high quality labor from the neighboring larger cities in the area. In the beginning, it was a very small operation. Employees in the sistering cities drive to designated pickup areas and Executive Express drive them to work in the morning and return to drive them home in the evening. This transportation was complimentary to the employees. Their ride to and from work was comfortable and relaxing. Most employees would sleep on their way to work and wind-down and relax on their way home from work. It has become so popular, that Executive Express now transports two coach buses of employees every day, and they have been depending on us for several years. 

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If you are an employer of a large manufacturing company or a large business, Executive Express invites you to keep the lines moving. Don’t shut down your operation just because you don't have enough employees. Put an end to the recruitment struggle, call us, we can brainstorm some ideas together about how we might be able to bring employees from one town to a different town and then the employees won't have to worry about driving when they're tired. Especially if it gets to be longer distances like 45 minutes to an hour and a half commute. We will provide the transportation relaxation for you.

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