What Our Customers are Saying ...

July 2020

"We were very concerned about traveling during COVID-19 and wanted to reduce our risk by using your personalized Black Car Services.  We felt very comfortable with this experience.  Rose Ann, your Private Charter Consultant, set the stage for excellent customer service and our driver, Marlene, delivered on her end also.  Both were exceptional!  Thank you so much for providing this service."

Roger and Carmella O.


"We enjoyed every bit of your Black Car Service.  Mark, your driver, was great!  We plan to use your service going forward."

Paul and Marquerite H.


March 2020

" I want to commend your service for a job well done!  Our driver Mark was outstanding.  Our original flight from Israel was cancelled a day before our departure.  I called Mark to tell him that our flight would arrive 9 hours late.  He said no problem and got us home safely.  I want to say that Mark is an excellent driver and very professional.  We will always use Executive Express for our Private Car transportation needs."

Robert N.


January 2020

" We loved using your new personalized Black Car Service to the MSP Airport.  We can't wait to use it again!"

Cindy and Bob K.


July 2019

5 full stars for our Private Charter experience with Executive Express!
Our driver Chris was right on time.  He even called me ahead of time to let me know.  
Chris was flexible and understanding when we decided to change our dinner plans and go out to eat in town instead of staying at the lake house due to the weather.  
Again, the total experience couldn't have gone better.
Thank you again for all of your efforts as well!



Executive Express is an EXCELLENT business! I have been using them for a long time with no problems.
-JoAnn K Johnson

I love Executive Express!  It works great with the type of job I have to take the shuttle from Willmar to/from the MSP Airport.  Your drivers are always friendly and your vehicles are clean.                                                                                         Kathy W.  -- Willmar, MN

February 2019

"It was a slow, snowy ride from the airport but our driver, Lorne, was great!" - Donald & Eileen Thomes

"Laurie Majka called to express how wonderful her experience was riding with us this morning. She was on run 1 with Jon Gerthe. She said she really enjoyed the ride and Jon displayed outstanding customer service." - Paki Latham

"I received a voicemail from Ronald Mogen concerning a Saturday night trip with Russ Walker. The Mogen’s traveled from MSP to the Brainerd Airport in less than desirable road conditions. Ronald Mogen said Russ did an excellent job and made them feel very safe." - Scott Fesenmaier

"We returned home yesterday afternoon after having our car parked at the Waite Park site for a month. Our car did not start in the -24 degree weather! We tried calling a towing service first, and it was a 4-5 hour wait! Lynette, an employee at Waite Park, was so helpful! She offered to let us use her car to jump our car, and Mark, a shuttle driver, assisted. We appreciated their help so much!" - Dave Brokke

"We are very pleased with the excellent service with Executive Express.  On January 7th, Dick, our driver picked us up at Arrowwood Lodge and it was EXTREMELY icy and Dick did a fantastic job of driving on the difficult icy road.  We were grateful for his expertise in driving.  We appreciate the people who help with setting up our trips.  Sheila was AMAZING this morning.  We really appreciate the ability to sit back and leave the driving to you.  Thanks again." - Bruce and Barbara Jean Lapka


January 2019

Good Morning!
I’m not sure who the Manager is for Executive Express but they really need to be notified that Trista the gal who organizes our weekend travelers, Colette who does the morning pick ups and the after hours Customer Service clerks have really gone above and beyond helping us. They have been super speedy with zero delay.

Megan Korn

Talent Acquisition, Recruiter
American Foods Group, LLC


"We were very pleased with the service for Thanksgiving and we are using it again!"
-Bonita & John Kallestad

"This is a great alternative to driving and parking at the MSP airport. Super clean parking lot and lobby. TVs and coffee in the lobby where you can wait for your shuttle." - Erik Karlsson

Matthew Sullivan called as he was on the 2pm shuttle and said the driver (Skipp) told him to call once he was on the shuttle to set up his reservation. he wanted to go to the Hampton Inn in St Cloud. Matthew was very happy that we did this for him, he said our company was the only one that would/could accommodate him. He wanted us to know that!

 A giant thank you to Greg and Tim for their swift response in rescuing this charter.  Colette couldn't have gotten them to MSP to catch their flight without them!  The passengers also extended a thank you to them as well.”

“I have always parked my vehicle in the Cities with my daughter. Since she moved, I no longer have that option. I used Executive Express for the 1st time in December and was very happy with the service they provided. I have recommended Executive Express to my friends who have also enjoyed the services as well.”

"Dear Mr. Logeman,
Kudo's to employees Dan Grube (at MSP) and Preston Doele (driver) for ensuring a quick trip from MSP to Waite Park.
On 07 January I just arrived at MSP on a Delta flight and it was tight to make our scheduled 7:00pm pick up by Executive Express. My phone rang and it was Dan calling to see where we were. He gave us directions. A call a few minutes later asking where we were and I told him. He said, 'Stop right there, we'll meet you,' Minutes later we're on your fine bus heading for Waite Park. 
Outstanding coordination by all involved. It saved an hour wait until the next trip to Waite Park. Your employees extended themselves to ensure we did not miss our ride, holding the bus for a few minutes. 
Please extend our sincere gratitude to these employees. They represented you and Executive Express in an exemplary manner. 
James A. Hovda"

“Detail shop did a GREAT job of having #87 looking super inside and out!” -Scott Sutton

"Nice new facility in Waite Park to transfer buses. Friendly staff and driver." 
-Francis Chock

"We hired them to charter a trip from St. Cloud to Minneapolis. It was easy to set up and the price was more than reasonable. The driver was great too. I would definitely recommend them." - Will

October 2018

Compliment for ALL
"We love your service  It's our preferred way to the airport. Reliable and good drivers.”  Joan Wilcox
Compliment for Crystal Coil

Compliment for Cyndy Thayer
The passenger we had from Nigeria that used our services, called to say, Thank you for the prompt turn around in regards to this matter. He also said, Thank you for your honesty and being an upstanding company. He really appreciates that we looked into the matter efficiently and did not try to cheat him.

Compliment for Sheila Drayna
Great reservationist!  Thanks for answering all my questions and your patience and expertise!!! Pat Smith

Compliment for Lloyd Hoelscher
Paul Denton travelled with 4 passengers on September 29th. He just raved about the driver and our service. It looks like they were scheduled for 11pm from MSP to Alex and driver Lloyd Hoelscher got them on 9:30pm to Alex and drove them himself. 

Compliment for Sandra Zwilling
Dear Sandra, Thank you so much for following up on this. I am thoroughly impressed with your company's customer service and will plan to use you anytime I am coming back to Fergus Falls from MSP. Thanks again!  Best, Paul


September 2018

Compliment for ALL
Steve Wenzel from Little falls said EE does a superb job

Compliment for ALL
I am very happy that The Executive Express is here to stay and love the added schedules. Now I don't have to go down to Mpls and stay at a Hotel for the earlier flight. 
Thank you again!  Peggy Wollan   

Compliment for ALL
I certainly believe you went above and beyond professionalism and I want you to know I appreciate it very much and highly recommend your shuttle to everyone I meet!  I hope you’ll be able to extend your service to Park Rapids, Minnesota, but I’m grateful that you at least go to Wadena ��
    Sincerely, Chris Kirschman Indian , Alaska 
    Keep on doing a great job

Compliment for Paul Ciarrochi
Sheri Henson says...”A Saturday in February the weather was horrible and the driver did awesome, I was so glad it was not me driving.”

Compliment for Abby Fischer
I received this compliment for Abby Fischer in Iowa for a tour of the Bridges of Madison County last week:
Dear Trista,
I’m back home in Australia now and wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the tour of the covered bridges. Our driver and guide, Abby, was lovely and it was nice to have a local show us around. So thank you for arranging everything. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Thanks! Beth Zielinski


August 2018

Compliment for ALL
I spoke with Joan Wilcox today while she made her round trip reservation to fly out for a wedding. She said "We love your service" "It's our preferred way to the airport" and "reliable and good drivers" she is very please with her experiences. 

Compliment for Colette
We had an excellent experience with your shuttle for the evening of 8/18 Blaser wedding in Ames Iowa. Collette the driver was on time polite and efficient. She did a superior job. Would like to thank her and hopefully you pass on my thank you to her. 



July 2018

Hi, Customer Service Representative:

Thank you so much for booking me on Executive Express for my July trip. You made it easy to complete the necessary information. I have always been quite satisfied with your service so it was not a surprise that the process was made easy for me.

I have printed out the information.  It all seems to be in order. If Delta informs me of flight changes, I will call immediately to adjust the times.

Thank you, again, for your assistance.
JoAnn K. Johnson

Dear Executive Express,

I'm so grateful for your service! Thank you for your excellent drivers and convenient way to get to the airport!!


"You guys are reliable and right in time"
-Phillip Gustason

Just spoke to a passenger, Mary Kacures, who has been riding with us since 2009. She stated how “excited” she was about our new location. She “hated going to the Holiday Inn” and was excited about parking in our parking lot as well. 

I had a great experience and got to airport safely and on time. 

A customer that was leaving on the 11:45am shuttle just told me as she was walking out the door, “It’s very nice in here. You’re lucky to have a job here.” 

Trip was excellent, driver was very welcoming and polite. 100% good, I will travel again with you guys. Thank you 

Yesterday my flight into Des Moines was delayed 2 hours. When I arrived in the terminal at 7:30 pm the Executive Express driver was there waiting.  It was a great relief to learn that I did not have to wait for the 10:30 pm shuttle. I have only recently begun using your service to/from the airport and I have been very pleased.  Please convey my thanks to the driver!
Jane Lohnes

June 2018

Compliment for Doug Isaacson
Passenger, Amie Schumacher, called on Wed, May 17 to thank the drivers for their incredible service for her trip on 5/16.  She was scheduled for a Holiday Inn pick up in St Cloud by Doug Isaacson.  She over slept and didn't hear her alarm. Doug told me he had to leave at 4am but he had left a message on her phone with HIS phone number on it.  She called him when he was in Monticello about 4:35am.  He told her if she could get to Holiday Inn by 5 am she could get on Vince Decker’s run.  And she did.  She apparently woke up, found the phone message, and was so appreciative that she had a number to call, so at least she knew what to do. Doug said she asked if she should call the office and he said he would take care of it.  He called JP and got her on the 5am. She just wanted to call and say thanks for the great service - it was above and beyond.  

Compliment for ALL
Patty from Cragun’s (HR) called to ask if we were taking the resort workers this summer directly to Cragun’s. I confirmed that yes we take the participants directly to their resort and she said we are a “Godsend” and wanted to thank us for this service. Previously, she had to go to the airport at 11:00pm every other night to pick up their participants. She is very happy with our service and stated we are a huge help to them. 


May 2018

Compliment for Mark Bauer and Heidi Swenson
Good morning Trista!
Just want to send you a little note to say "Thank You" for the great services this weekend!  Both our bus drivers were as pleasant as could be!  Our buses were always prompt and eager to come earlier if we were finished early.  Which we were both days!  So, again we look forward to using Executive Express next year! Thank You! North Benton Dental Team
Have a great day!

Compliment for All
I want to express my gratitude to all those who had a part in recovering my cell phone.  The gentleman at the airport on Wednesday, April 25, the drivers then, and on the morning of April 30, and the office staff.  I was impressed by their concern and help.
Sister Kateri Ghesquiere
Compliment for Iowa Staff
Dear Executive,
I’m the traveler who supposed to show up in Ames - ISU station yesterday (May 03) at 03:00PM, however due to the bad weather my trip was delayed, and my friend drove me directly to DSM airport.  I would like to express my sincere thanks to the driver/manager in ISU station yesterday, she called me asking if I need any help, if I want to transfer to the next available time slot. However, my telephone battery was flat and I cannot call back.  I’m now in an airport of my trip, writing this message NOT for a refund because the delay was all my fault; but if you may, please find the driver and pass my thanks to her.  After 5 years of study, I’m graduating from ISU, Ames, IA. You and other Iowans make my stay in Iowa a wonderful memory! Thank you.
Best regards,
Lin Yang

Compliment for Tony Gacusana
Ceceile Marie Baklen called this morning just to compliment Tony G for his help on May 2.  Her flights were delayed, going to Alex and she was travel weary and she just wanted to thank Tony for his help.  She said he was just very, very kind in helping her adjust her plans and still get to Alex.  
Compliment for ALL
I spoke with Nadine Villella and she was telling me that she advertises our company to all of her friends. She states that without our company she would not be able to travel to see her family. She is very pleased with the drivers that have transported her back and forth from Morris to Maple Grove. She stated that everyone that she has spoken with in the office has been very pleasant and she is very pleased with our services. 

April 2018

Compliment for Jay Vasek and Skipp Timmins
Dear Jay, Thanks you for making this right.  I am pleased to know that Executive Express is interested in maintaining excellent customer service.  I have used your service for many years now and have had very few problems getting between Alexandria and the airport comfortably and efficiently.  You have an excellent corp of safe and friendly drivers that are enjoyable to work with.  Skipp, my last driver to Alexandria did an exemplary job of driving safely through a difficult snow storm. I will continue to use your service and recommend it to others. Sincerely, Linda Frisell

Compliment for Mark Knoblauch and Mark Cunningham
I wanted to let you know I received a call today from a Holly Schulze wanting to let us know that our drivers did an awesome job driving during the snow storm yesterday.  She went from Alex to the airport.  The first driver was Mark Knoblauch and the second driver from St. Cloud to MSP was Mark Cunningham.  She told me that they both did a great job of driving and keeping everyone safe.  
Compliment for Mark Bauer
I would like to let you know we purchased a ride from the Minneapolis airport Friday April 13th to St. Cloud.  Our driver was Mark and I would like to let someone know what a wonderful experience it was.  The weather was not good, but we always felt safe with Mark driving!! He is an excellent driver and was so kind.  Our vehicles were at the train depot and he made sure we were all scraped off and everything was running before he left us there unattended.  He also helped us with a quicker route thru St. Cloud so that we could get home before the worst of the storm hit.  He is an asset to your company and we will use it again and recommend others do the same because of Mark!! Thank you Mark!!!! The 4 sisters!!!  Joan Eveleth

Compliment for Terry Elness
Hi Jim!  Just wanted to thank you for meeting with Kittie and I at Blackberry.  I really appreciated your time and having open and honest conversation.  I also wanted to let you know that this weekend's driver, Terry, was absolutely Fantastic! He really went above and beyond, considering the weather both Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Please tell him thank you from all our staff at Blackberry.   I appreciated that he chatted with me, the bartenders, guests and also the DJ.  It was so great to see him making connections and making sure our guests were getting to their destination safely.  Cheers!  Jeanne Fenlason

February 2018

Compliment for ALL
I just made a reservation for Cindy Swarthout and she said, “I just love this service! It’s so nice. Say hi to Larry, from Cindy.”

Compliment for Randy Husmann & Russ Walker
Want to express how wonderful our ride home was from the Airport. We had one driver from Airport to St. Cloud and another from St. Cloud to home. They were both wonderful to helping us. The Driver to our home from St. Cloud was Will or something like that. He helped us get our baggage into our house. We wanted you to know how thoughtful he was of our infirmities. He enjoyed visiting on the way with my husband who sat in the front with him. So good for my husband as things are really slowing down for him and the gentle conversation was so good for him. I just wanted to let you all know how pleased we were with your services. Thanks, Alice Harmon 

Compliment for Lauren Rice
Ione Schaaf traveled with us to Baxter March 9. Float driver Lauren Rice
She called today to say how very nice the driver to BAX was.  Pass said driver even helped her dig out her car (pas keeps shovel in her car).  She said the men drivers were nice, too, but this stood out.

Compliment for Arnie Schager, Jon Vanderheiden, & Helen Lamb
Trista, Just wanted to let you know I made it to MS and back home.  Thanks so much for your help and cooperation when I had to change departure days from Fort Dodge.  Your drivers were excellent- polite and very helpful.  The desk staff at the Des Moines was great too.  Thanks again, I highly recommend your services.  Brenda Sorenson, Somers IA

Compliment for John Jose
Just a note to commend John Jose for driving me from St. Cloud to Brainerd last night. Roads weren't too bad to Brainerd but were extremely treacherous on his way back to St. Cloud as was my drive from Brainerd to Crosby. I believe John went above & beyond and I pray he had a safe return trip to St. Cloud.  Thank you.  Barry Nelson

January 2018

Compliment for Jack Gregor
Passengers Pat and Margaret Daniel
Purpose of call from Patrick was just to compliment us on our excellent service.  Driver Jack Gregor was just awesome.  So courteous.  Just the way to go.  Loved the home pick-up - felt so special - felt spoiled. Will never drive to airport again.  Will be booking again yet this Feb.   Super complimentary!

Compliment for Mike Zwilling
George Kingson and George Heitzman called today to schedule another reservation with us.
"You guys are just the best thing for us out here"
Also complicated their driver "Mike" "He was first rate, really great guy"

Compliment for Trista Donnay, Sandra Thomes, and Randy Keim
I’d like to thank you for your service. Everything went off without a catch. The ride down and back couldn’t have been better. I will definitely recommend your services to all my friends and family. Next time I expect to travel you will be my first contact.
Thank you so much,
Gary Goodin

Compliment for All
Ray Galarneault.

Compliment for Scott Garvin
I received a call this afternoon from “Dutch” Cragun, a customer who rode with Executive Express yesterday.  Dutch Cragun is the owner of Craguns resort in the Brainerd Lakes area and also part owner of the Holiday Inn Express in Baxter.  He said that Delta Airlines abruptly cancelled a flight out of MSP to the Brainerd Airport and that our company saved the day for him and two other passengers by providing a last-minute “walk on” ride to Brainerd.  He wanted to call and not only commend Executive Express but also wanted to compliment his driver Scott Garvin.  He said that Scott knew his way around both St. Cloud and Brainerd / Baxter and did a fine job of representing our company.

December 2017

Hi and good afternoon,

Just wanted to say thanks for the gift certificate you gave me for my recent trip to msp and back.  All to often in service industry hear all the negative comments, well I have none.  Your drivers were and are the best!  Patrick drove the van down on the early morning on 12/7.  He was great! He even called me to make sure I was on my way for the pickup.  He talked to all the riders, told us where we had to stop and a est arrival time at msp.  Great personality, friendly outgoing, helpful.  On the way back Monday night, I had Mark.  Once again friendly, gave us the stops on the way back.  Offered assistance to the ladies traveling back.  On both occasions they were spot on in pick up times, right on the nose.  I will make sure all the desk staff recommend your company for transfers to and from msp.

Thanks again,


Robert Jambor
General Manager 
Hampton Inn & Suites St Cloud


Reservation No. 422214 - said her daughter - from Seattle - told her mom to try this (the one who this reservation is for) because it is the best shuttle in the US.

November 2017

Used Executive Express for the first time this summer... What a wonderful experience! On time, friendly drivers and easy comfortable ride to MSP.  Would definitely use again and again!
Mary Jo Brown


October 2017
Compliment for Trista Donnay
I just want to thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful service during our recent External Review.  Last minute requests were handled efficiently and you made it easy to communicate effectively.  Our Review Team was impressed with your service and said your drivers were kind and made for an enjoyable trip to and from the Airport by sharing information about the area.  The Team found that amusing and entertaining. Thank you for your help in making this event a success.
With much appreciation,
Gloria Oberender, Dept Secy/Bldg Supervisor
Dept of Physics & Astronomy, Ames, IA 

Bev Asmus called in this evening to make a reservation and wanted to let us know that she loves our service!
I need to thank you wholeheartedly for this email, which received an answer on a Sunday.  I had written it when I thought about it or I would have forgotten, but you broke away from a very nice Sunday, I hope, and took time to answer.  Another kudo.  I left Minnesota yesterday, September 26, and thought ????? the pick up was for 8 a.m. rather than 8:30 and I called again, and very nicely I was told that it really was for 8:30 and the very nice lady was going to check where the shuttle was.  Honestly, this type of customer service is so unusual, except perhaps in Minnesota, and it needs to be acknowledged.  Thank you.
You can be sure I will continue to use your services each time I come to Minnesota.  It is just perfect.
Roselyne Gerszewski

Compliment for Tim Suby.
Tim was great, we enjoyed his company.  Thanks.
David A. Kent | Manufacturing Product Manager
3M Abrasives Systems Division

September 2017

Compliment for Craig Gibbs from Long Prairie Packing
I know two weeks ago I mentioned Mike did an extra drop accommodating my people, however another super star is Craig. He speaks Spanish so that is a huge plus as well.  Thank you! 
Megan Korn

Compliment for ALL
I just wanted to say "Thank you" to your staff and drivers!  We had a sample that needed to be sent to the American Red Cross on Sunday, August 27.  The driver waited for us to process the sample and get it packaged.  This helped us get the blood products to the patient in need in a timely manner.
I appreciate the great service that your company offers.  Please extend my thanks to all your staff.
Judy Powers MLS (ASCP)CM
Douglas County Hospital Laboratory, Blood Bank Technical Lead

Compliment for Chris Theisen & Terry Elness
I would like to thank you for your service on both trips. The guy at mpls pick up was a great guy, real nice and cared for the passengers and pick ups ,,,,he went out of his way to fix us all up that night .The other guy who drove on the way back was also great and very nice ,the ride was great and fast ,he even had pointers for arrival and getting settled . Good job. 
Bryan Stock

Compliment for ALL
Carrie Gierich wanted us to know EE has great customer service!!

August 2017

Compliment for MikeDambowy
Hello to you both!
I’m not sure who needs to be notified but your driver Mike that is helping my group needs extra kudos. He went above and beyond to get two of my passengers helped and I really want to thank him for all the extra. I know transporting people with limited English can be somewhat of a challenge on top of having extremely delayed flights but he made sure to follow through and get them taken care of.
Thank you guys for being #1 with the assistance!
Long Prairie Packing

Compliment for Jeannetta Janssen, Trista Donnay, and Matt Lewis
Hi Jeannetta, Trista, and Matt,
I just want to reach out to thank you for your support in the last few weeks during Orientation. It is my pleasure to work with you all at Executive Express. You have been always responsive and helpful when our students need help. We couldn't have done Orientation Housing without your help. 
Please let me know if you need any other information regarding to students' ID or so to wrap up this season.
Thank you,
Van Ly
Iowa State University
International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO)
Orientation Housing Assistant

Compliment for Jim Zenor, Arnie Schager, and Alan Taylor
Our wedding weekend was fantastic. 
The transportation and drivers from Executive Express did a great job shuttling our guests. 
Thanks for your assistance in making our weekend safe and fun-filled for all.
Sue Scoles 

July 2017
Compliment for Rachael Willhite
May I say this about Rachel who assisted me with this reservation.  She should be commended for the way she turned a frustrated customer into a happy, relaxed customer.  After not being able to use the online reservation process, several attempts calling, being transferred with no one answering, Rachel picked up the phone on the first ring.  She was pleasant, informational, and gave it her all to make the conversation a good one.  Thank you Rachel!
Doreen Moonen
Accounting Admin
TelCom Construction

Compliment for Cyndy Thayer
Dear Cyndy, thank you so much for the refund. I had a very good experience traveling with Executive Express. Thanks to your whole team.  All best, Jennifer.
Jennifer Freeman Smith, PhD
Transparency and Openness Training Coordinator
Center for Open Science

Compliment forTami Mortenson & Bill Peine

Also, the dispatcher named Bill, was wonderful he was the one who had to talk to a very upset, crying customer and handled the situation with compassion, caring, and empathy. He is truly an asset to your organization. 

Sandy Tysinger
Compliment for Bill Peine
Thanks to Dispatcher Bill.  Bill helped me out a lot this morning to be sure I was on time.

June 2017

Compliment for Jim Staska – posted on the St Cloud Chamber Facebook Page
“When Brian Jarl, Advantage 1 Insurance Agency, was planning a family trip he called Executive Express and Country Inn and Suites. My wife, daughter, and I took a trip to TX and used their services to get to and from MSP. Jim Staska was very helpful with explaining how it works and provided us a couple coupons to make it a little more affordable. It was convenient and we would do it again next time we travel. Tammy Buttweiler from Country Inn and Suites also helped us get a great deal on a hotel in Dallas for a couple of nights.” Thanks, Brian, for Thinking Chamber First!

Compliment for Dan Marek and Dennis Niemi
We would like to complement our drivers we had on the evening of the 18th, Dan and Dennis. They went out of their way to make our trip back home from the airport comfortable. They were both great, but Dan really was great you have great workers.  The Haskins

Compliment for Tim Boeder
Ramon Velasquez wanted to pass this on -- Your drivers are excellent that he had rode with, he especially enjoyed Tim on his last trip, he had a wonderful conversation with him the whole trip!!

Compliment for Trista Donnay, Dave Hennen, and Sheila Drayna
Email #1 -- Thank you, Trista! You are truly the BEST! I’m glad to hear that my travelers are behaving! wink I heard back that they also enjoyed traveling with your driver! I’m ok with the gratuity. Sounds like the driver deserves the best. Have a great weekend.  Joyce
Email #2 -- Thank you for your patience and support. I really appreciate it.  BTW, I spoke to a very lovely woman on Tuesday who talked me off the proverbial ledge. First day back from vacation, and I was in a panic when I thought I messed up another reservation (for Matthew Leavy #385584) that I had to make last minute. She was so sweet, professional--totally in control and calm. Unfortunately, I don’t recall her name. She must be a mom. She sounds like she would invite you in for fresh baked cookies and dry your tears. If you can figure out who she is, please thank her for me. Best,  Joyce


May 2017

Compliment for John Schiel & Mike Dambowy
Hi Trista,
Just wanted to send a little "Thank You" to Executive Express for the Great Service! Both drivers, John and Mike were Awesome! Both drivers were very prompt and the trips went smooth. Thank You as well for coordinating everything. I am positive that we will continue to use your service every year! Have a great day!

Compliment for Trista Donnay, Private Charter Specialist
Thanks Trista this looks great, the signed contract is attached. You have been wonderful to work. I'll set Executive Express up in my electronic bill pay and get a check requested for the balance due.

Compliment for Jeannetta Janssen, Corporate Trainer
I made my first reservations online through the website and it worked PERFECT!!  It was awesome, thanks for setting that up for us.


April 2017
Compliment for Dan Marek
Thanks again for being the driver for my Staska Mystery Bus Trip Private Charter this past Saturday.  Thank you for taking the extra step of driving the route on your own the day before so you knew where to go and thank you also for providing some extra added fun for the guests with some games and prizes.  Great job!!

Good morning,
I just wanted to send a "thank you" for the service provided to me on 3/21 from MSP to Willmar. Even with the hiccup of the 4:45 ride leaving, everything went smoothly with getting me on the 6 p.m. van and transferring to St. Cloud for the final ride to Willmar. Both drivers were absolutely wonderful (Dennis was the St. Cloud to Willmar driver, I don't remember the first driver's name). I will definitely consider using your service in the future as it really cuts down on my coordinating family members to drive and pick me up from the airport or having to pay to park my car there.
Thanks again.
Michelle Marotzke

Brian Gaffke, Res# 359243 & 359244
Very appreciative about the service; stated that the services was wonderful. The driver down (Gordon Freese) was very pleasant and did a great job. For their return they were scheduled for the 9:30 pm shuttle, got through customs early and were able to move up to the 8:15pm shuttle. Stated that the driver on the return (Mike Dambowy) was very accommodating about the transfer and again was very pleasant as well. 

Compliment for Mary Leither (In-Office Reservationist)
We received a voice message from Polly Stephens this afternoon.  She called in this morning to get some information, as she thought she might use our service to get a friend from MSP to Alexandria tomorrow.  She said the employee she talked to (Mary) was very friendly and helpful.  Although, she will not be using our service this time, she wanted to “thank” the person who was helping her, and said she would definitely use us in the future.
Compliment for Tim Suby (Alexandria Driver)
April 8th Alexandra Benson rode with from Morris to MSP.
Tim did a great job!! He was so MN nice about the whole trip.

June 2016
I wanted to let you know that we recently had great service on a personal charter to and from the Mpls airport for a family vacation to Disney world. Our driver, Dan Marek, was very professional and courteous. Jeannetta in the office was also very helpful making the arrangements - and putting up with my many calls and emails. Thank you for having such great employees. - Cindy Dockendorf

Penny Autey called in to report that our driver Tim Suby is AMAZING!!

On May 18 th at 4:45 AM (whew), a very nice young man, Jeremy, picked me up at Northcrest in Ames for my trip to the Des Moines airport.  Not only was he right on time, but we had a delightful chat enroute.  Thought you should know that you have a very reliable, personable young man working for you.  It was a pleasure....Janel Ziepprecht

Thank you for your efficient booking service. looking forward using your esteemed organization’s service tomorrow. My family and I with total of 6 passengers will be waiting at the entrance lobby of Grand Stay Residential Suites in Ames at 12.30pm tomorrow. Thanks again for the brilliant arrangement. Warmest rgds - Dr GK Kogelen  

Dr. Tacl shared with Mike Oaks that his wife could be a poster –child for the company. She is sight impaired and cannot have a drivers license. As a result, she travels with Executive Express frequently to meet friends, go on shopping trips, and visit their kids and so on. Dr. Tacl told me she has nothing but good things to say about the drivers, the service and vehicles.

May 2016

Just a note to let you know that Collette did a great job today in transporting our group to and from the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Collette was a safe driver and was pleasant and courteous; our group enjoyed a stress free ride to and from the event.  Thank you – keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Margi Grebinoski, Mahowald Insurance Agency



Finally made it home yesterday thank you Executive Express for the pick up service and return to service. Also thank you for the flexibility when I was called to extend my stay in Europe you helped me via email to make changes everything worked out very very well. Thank you

Mike Daugherty!


Sister Mary Margaret Buckley called and needed to make a change to a couple reservations. She mentioned several times how kind and patient Sandra was with her. She said “I didn’t know what I was talking about when I called and she helped me figure it all out.”



Colette Reported that she had a 1st time rider / 1st time to MN passenger Victoria Stanton was onboard with me during a training run today (4/26) with Rafael.  Upon arrival to Perkins she stated "I really enjoyed listening to you training your new driver today.  I wish you were available for me when my kids were learning to drive as teenagers.  I learned some good driving tips from you.  It was nice to hear the training happening while I was with you.  It really makes a passenger aware of how safe your company is to ride with."


I definitely understand the challenges with the Alex Lakes area. I will definitely call when I need home drop-off or pick-up service. I'm a huge fan of EE, and feel very blessed that we have such a reliable shuttle service all the way out to Alexandria.

Warm regards, Shelly Stokes


Greetings! Your shuttle service in Iowa was excellent. Just as impressive was the service I received from driver, Mel. Great personality, careful driver, super service.

Thank you! Nancy S. 

April 2016
Let me say I love your services.  Your people are always friendly and helpful.  Today was no different.  Actually, at the airport it was better than most times because the female employee who was there this morning was exceptional. I'll admit I'm not the typical passenger. I use your service on a quarterly basis when I have a meeting in the cities. I rarely make an advance reservation, because I'm never sure when I will be done. Without fail, you have met my needs and I want to thank you for that! - Allison J. Waggoner

Jessican Bansen was a customer who filled out the special accommodation request as she is wheelchair bound. She was very grateful for our service and the kindness of our driver. Way to go John Scott! She was impressed with how smooth things went as she was a bit stressed to book this travel in the first place being such a short trip. The driver knew where he was going and what he was doing and she couldn’t have asked for a better trip!
Way to go, Jim Z!

We received the following letter in the mail, including a tip from the customer: Dear Jim, Sorry for the delay in mailing your tip. I accepted the job at Iowa State, so maybe I’ll run into you in the future. Thanks for chatting with me about Ames. Best, Megan Myers

A gentleman came into the office this morning that used our service on Sunday, 03/20/2016, 4:30pm shuttle from the airport. He informed us that he absolutely loved the service Vicki Hinrichs provided. Jim Mills and Lauri Mills said they will definitely be using our service again because of this experience.
You folks are the best! – Laura Finch

My husband I had such a wonderful experience with Executive Express this March. Our shuttle drivers, both to and from the airport, were helpful and kind. The driver that picked us up in Albertville even ran into the hotel to tell the front desk we were parking there for a week. They also helped with our bags and made sure we left on time. The Branch Manager, Traci, was also wonderful in accommodating our needs and made sure were were more than happy with our experience. Using Executive Express really takes the stress out of getting to the airport. You couldn't park your car at MSP for cheaper than the cost of a roundtrip from this shuttle service. We will be using them for all future travel. – Kate and Josh Fischer

March 2016
I have a compliment note for Randy Keim:
Thank you for bringing my cell phone to the Holiday Inn on Tuesday, Feb 2nd. After the tough driving condition that day, you must have just wanted to go home. I appreciate it! 
 -Kathy Embertson

An “Atta Boy” goes out to Arnie Schager at our Ames offices for getting in touch with one of our passengers over the weekend who lost his cell phone the night before on one of our shuttles (see email below).  Arnie indicated to me that he told the customer that he lived fairly close to the hotel and would personally deliver the passengers cell phone directly to our customer at the hotel so the customer didn’t have to try and make arrangements to pick it up at our Ames office.
Another great example of superior customer service 
by our drivers.
Way to go Arnie!!
From Jim Staska

Everything went as smoothly as it possibly could.  I could not have  been happier. You folks at Executive Express 
are my heroes.
Gail Ivers
I want to say a thank you to the staff at the MSP for being so friendly when I was able to show up, 15 or so hours later than expected because of airline problems.  I was so over tired and hungry, but they made me feel welcome. Ruth Grelson

February 2016
One of our passengers from December 30, Jessie Reynolds called to praise our driver Nicholas from Iowa. She said he was a very safe driver and so nice to her and the other passengers. She said she is “ancient” and walks with a cane and when Nicholas dropped her off at her home, he helped her to the door, through the ice, taking her luggage to the door and even helping bring it inside. She was very impressed and couldn’t say enough about how careful he was with her and how kind he was to all of the passengers. WAY TO GO NICHOLAS!

I want to say a thank you to the staff at the MSP for being so friendly when I was able to show up, 15 or so hours later than expected because of airline problems.  I was so over tired and hungry, but they made me feel welcome. – Ruth Grelson

I made a mistake in my booking. I spoke to the MOD on Friday in regards to my cancellation and just wanted to confirm.  I really appreciate all of your help and I will definitely be using your services again in the future.
Laurie Lofgren


January 2016

Victor Rendano would like to say that desk agent (Bill) and driver (Dennis) were excellent last night  on 12/22. They look forward to using us next week. He and his wife wanted to let us know he figured people just called and complained and he wanted to let us know what a great job they did.

I just got off the shuttle with Tim (Suby) he is an awesome driver. Thank you for the great service. - Mark Illig

To Whom It May Concern,
       I just got off the phone with a gentleman.  I was calling from AK and we had a terrible connection (very typical in the Alaskan bush).  He was friendly and powered through all of the static to get the proper information!  Thanks!  I will surely use your services again!!

Helen Langager, 90 years old wanted to let us know that she loves our executive express service and does not know what she would do without us. 

We received a voicemail from Vince Mohs, a customer who wanted to praise our driver, Tony! He said Tony was very professional and they talked all the way from the airport. Great customer service, Tony!


We would like to say thanks for our recent trips to and from the Minneapolis airport.  All of the drivers were very professional and extremely helpful with luggage. We remember Tim
and Tony but not the name of the one who drove from St. Cloud to Alexandria in rainy snowy weather. With all of them we felt we were being provided safe transportation. We traveled on Nov. 20 and Nov 29. We will definitely use your service again and have recommended you to our friends. Thank you.
Richard and Rita Benson

Reservation #s 1266071 & EE1266089


Hello - 

I wanted to write a story about what our driver Mark did for me the other day.  

My wife Helen and I were on the last legs of returning from a wonderful albeit exhausting European vacation.  In a half asleep haze about half way home, around Monticello, I remembered I forgot my newly purchased antique walking stick at the airport.  I asked our driver of the trip to St Cloud Tim or Tom, sorry I’m awful at remembering names, if he was returning to the airport.  He said he was so I told him my story and asked him for phone numbers to the desk at the airport and Airport Lost and Found and if he could do a quick search for me.  He was more than helpful with the numbers and offered to look.  I was happy with the service at that point.  Unfortunately in todays society we don’t receive that much feedback.  Usually condolences are the only feedback we expect to get.

Off I go to make phone calls and leave messages fearing my stick was lost.  Like I mentioned I just purchased this walking stick at an antique shop in England.  I proudly owned for three days so I didn’t have a lot of emotional connections to it, it wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t a family heirloom, it wasn’t even very expensive.  It was wood with a silver handle embossed with an emblem of the Queens Guard that was dented a bit to show its true character.

So homeward Helen and I go with Mark on the second leg of our shuttle bus ride to Albany after a quick transfer in St Cloud.  I’m still leaving messages with different Lost and Founds around the airport.  Mark is asking questions about the stick, what it looked like, where I left it (ironically I knew exactly where I forgot it), and when I was there.  He said he would look for it on his return trip.  I was amazed of the effort he was willing to do already!

He drops us off and we say our good byes.  The time now is around 7:00PM, hour 23 of the epic journey home.  Helen and I get reacquainted with the house, turn the heat up, lights off, and to bed we go.  11:00 the phone rings and its Mark on the line saying that he found my stick.  I can’t describe the feeling of shock, relief, disbelief that I was feeling.  I didn’t mind at all being woken up from a dead sleep!!

Now I mentioned earlier how I was very happy with the service I had gotten already from everyone at Executive Express.  How everyone I talked to were genuinely concerned over the loss of my stick.  The willingness to help find it, if possible.  Perhaps its just me, perhaps its the way things are done in the new today.  Any genuine concern, any helpfulness, anyone who actually takes a minute to listen doesn’t seem to happen anymore.  And that is bad!  Thankfully we live in small town Minnesota where helping neighbors, and strangers alike is the way of life and acts of kindness like this isn’t thought of as going above and beyond.  It’s just part of being.  However, what Mark did was truly above and beyond.  I cannot thank him enough for not only finding my silly English walking stick but then dropping it off at my house the next day.

Congratulations and Thank You to the entire staff and crew of Executive Express, especially Mark and Tim (or Tom), for making a very long and exhausting and potentially disastrous last day of a lovely European vacation lovely.

Heartfelt thank you

Greg and Helen Adamietz

I took the last shuttle from DSM to Ames at 1am Saturday 12/20/14. Driver was a super lady! Trip was awesome! Thanks so much for outstanding service and employee! Way to go Amber!

Gary P
Posted: January 2015


I just got a phone call from Erika A., #234584, who travelled with John Pyle on Wednesday, December 24th, 2014. She said John was a very good driver – professional, courteous.

Posted: December 2014


Josie received a compliment from a friend last night on his ride home from MSP to St. Cloud. Jack was his driver. Josh said: “Using Executive Express tonight from MSP to STC. I have a driver named Jack. Really nice guy, enjoys what he does even with crappy road conditions. Not sure if/what you do to recognize them but tell him he’s appreciated on nights like tonight!

Posted: December 2014


My wife and I travel to Olivia, Minnesota every year and normally get a friend to collect us from the airport.This year we decided to try Executive Express. We booked a return trip to and from Willmar (20 Oct / 3 Nov). The service worked out great for us and we’ve recommended Executive Express to many locals in the Renville county area. The service was very punctual, the drivers were friendly and the van was comfortable.

Curt D.
Posted: December 2014


Our private charter driver Chuck Clausen was the best!! Chuck had done his homework ahead of time by verifying with me my home pickup address and pickup time, the route of the charter and the drop-off location. He greeted all of the passengers (my friends) as they boarded the bus and gave us all the pre-trip greeting once we were aboard. He was very polite, courteous and professional at all times. He was in contact with me throughout the night and always came to me if he had any questions. He always made sure that all of us were comfortable and were taken care of. The 14 passenger bus worked out well for us and the DVD player kept us entertained. All of my friends commented on what a good time they had on the Mystery Dinner / Mystery Trip!! This will more than likely be an annual event each year.

Jim S
Posted: December 2014


This is better late than never. Last April 2014, you drove us to the HHH terminal in the worst of driving conditions. We made it to the check in within minutes to spare and made our flight thanks to your expertise. In our frantic hurry, we missed tipping you. Due to our care taking of sick family members, we delayed in sending this. Please know that we greatly appreciate you services as we very much needed that short vacation. You are a most excellent, professional driver! THANKS DOUG FOR THE WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU PROVIDED!

Elizabeth & Merrill M.
Posted: November 2014


Sherry picked up Dori on Oct 10th at the airport, she was here to visit her sister. She stated Sherry was the nicest person, she gave her a little knowledge of the area and was very nice. So please give her KUDOS!

Posted: November 2014


Pat H sent in a full Travel Log and included a nice note. “10-13-2014 - I really enjoy riding with Executive Express – The drivers are all friendly and courteous. ”

Posted: November 2014


Thank you for the excellent service I received on the shuttle Monday night. I was concerned that the shuttle, the last of the evening, would leave without me as the flight was delayed. When I reached your counter, Tim greeted me and the other passenger who was on the same flight. He had checked the flight number and realized we were delayed. He was an excellent driver and treated us with kindness and concern. What a delight. I will use your service whenever my travels take me through MSP. Keep up the good work.

Karen F.
Posted: November 2014


Hi, I recently scheduled a round-trip shuttle ride from the East Ames, IA. While the driver on 9-23 was very good and personable, I wish to commend the driver on the return trip on 9-29. On 9-29 my flight was delayed for over an hour from Denver to DSM, due to storms with lightening. While your kiosk at the DSM baggage claim area was only open until 7:00 PM, your driver, Eric, stayed, monitored my late flight’s arrival and drove me back to Ames!! My cell phone was not working, as he had tried to call me to find out the status. Still, he waited and fulfilled our prepaid agreement! It is my hope you will somehow reward his “over and above the call of duty” behavior, in my case! I have a very good impression of your company and drivers from this experience will no doubt use you again and highly recommend it to others!

Kyle K.
Posted: November 2014


Just a quick note to thank you for wonderful service. It's a pleasure to ride with EE, as well as all aspects of booking and extras such as the helpful airport directions below. I travel to Minneapolis/St. Paul just once a year so will not be a regular customer. But it's certainly an annual pleasure. Kudos to all involved!

Kathleen K.
Posted: November 2014


Anthony F of Resource Training & Solutions commented to Jim that one of our private charter drivers (executive car) took such good care of one of their dignitaries that visited them last year that they will be doing the same thing again with us soon.

Posted: November 2014


Robert W rode with us from Willmar to Ridgedale Mall he said the drivers he had were “peaches”!

Posted: November 2014


Marge H called this morning with high praise for our Iowa driver, Mario! She said he is an “excellent driver, very kind”, and she has “enjoyed many trips with him”. She said she was on a late night trip with him and he waited for her to get into her home before leaving her, and he was “most kind”.

Posted: November 2014


Christine O called to let us know what a wonderful service we have! She also travels on a shuttle in Kansas and it makes her appreciate how well our shuttles operate compared to theirs! Our drivers are great and always on time! Her words “keep up the great work executive express”!

Posted: November 2014


Kathy K. rode with Steve Slama on the 9am from St. Cloud to MSP on Wednesday July 30th. She said he was “courteous, kind, helpful, informative, and very reassuring”.

Posted: August 2014


I wanted to let you know the driver, Koudjo, I had out of DesMoines Saturday evening July 19th, was a very safe, conversational driver. I have to say he was the best one to-date of which I have used over the last three years. Thank you.

Gus M.
Posted: August 2014


I want to thank you for being so accommodating to my crazy schedule changes with my flight from Chicago being severely delayed. I didn't make it to the airport until 2:00AM, but the night driver had already rebooked me for the first shuttle out in the morning. It was fitful night on the floor of the airport, but I was so happy to have transportation back to St. Cloud. You are a great organization and I just wanted to thank you for working with me on the worst travel day of my life!

Peggy R.
Posted: August 2014


Joan L. traveled with us on Saturday July 5th. She was going from MSP to Alexandria. She said that was the smoothest our company has ever been. The driver at 3:15pm made very good time and the float driver was waiting at the Holiday Inn to take her to her final destination. She felt both drivers, Bill H and Colette deserved some recognition. She is a frequent traveler and is very pleased with the service our company provides!

Posted: August 2014


Tim Sickler was an amazing driver! My plane was delayed and he waited an extra 5 minutes for me on June 27th.

Danielle R.
Posted: July 2014


Although we didn't ask her, Colette willingly stayed beyond the originally scheduled time to allow people to hang out at the bonfire. We received rave reviews for having her as one of our drivers along with positive feedback on the other two drivers as well.

Cliff & Carmel Wedding Party
Posted: July 2014




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